About Us

Welcome to Lights of Bliss.   This is a brief introduction on the birth of our virtual candle boutique, here in Singapore. We were exposed to the fascinating world of candles while living overseas. Whenever we came across candles with alluring scents, we will automatically transform into those "kids in a candy store": Excited, ecstatic, and eccentric (at times). To us, candles are simply magical. They have the ability to: comfort one with their warm and soothing glow; brighten one’s mood; shower one with calmness; create a touch of intimacy and romance in the atmosphere; add a magical touch to the moment. We could just go on and on, singing their praises.

Over time, as these candles greatly ignited our passion, we started educating ourselves more on this fascinating industry. We were eager to learn about the ingredients that have made the candle family ever so inviting. During this process, our awareness heightened. We began to learn about the harmful effects of paraffin and lead wicks. Upon the eye-opening discovery, we made a conscious effort not to use unnatural candles that could cause a potential risk to us, our loved ones and not forgetting, our beautiful planet. In the recent years, due to the raising awareness, environment friendly candles have been produced to ensure that candle lovers like you and us can enjoy a healthy, natural alternative without really harming the environment.

However, it was a daunting task to find a wide selection of eco-friendly candles, here in Singapore. To put a stop to this disappointing search, VOILA, Lights of Bliss was born.

We make a conscientious effort to source for suppliers who are environment-friendly and socially responsible, not forgetting the animals. We take pride in introducing their high-quality and most ecological candles to Singapore.

To all you candle lovers, candleholics, and candle connoisseurs out there, we fervently hope that you will immensely enjoy our earth friendly range just as much as we do. May your homes be showered with our lights of bliss.

With Light & Blessings,

The Lights of Bliss Family